Free Domino Trainer plans

For my friends who are perhaps new to building, and indeed flying model aeroplanes, I’ve decided to provide the plans for my Domino trainer for your first attempt at construction. I promise you will enjoy the experience and the model you finish will give you many hours of pleasure, not only in the building process, but also flying.

The skills you develop in building this model will transfer to bigger and more complex designs you might later choose to build. I truly hope you give it a go. You won’t regret it.

Construction Manual Click on the link below for the pdf construction manual. Download it to your computer and print it out for reference.

Domino Plans This link will allow you to download the full-size Domino plans for printing.

This is a simple model with very few complex parts. It is easy to cut out these parts by hand, but if you feel a little intimidated and would prefer to build with laser-cut parts instead, just email me and I can get a kit cut for you. Sadly, this won’t be free, but I promise you it’s still cheaper than any other laser-cut kit of a similar model.

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