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Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to fly a large number of aircraft and at the many airports and flying strips that I’ve visited, I’ve managed to get photos of a number of interesting aircraft. Some of them, I’ve even done full walkarounds in order to be useful to modellers and aircraft enthusiasts.

They will be offered here, free of charge for the smaller sizes, and larger ones are available for a small price. Just email us if you want the hi-res versions and we can help you out.

Check back regularly as we work to upload them. It will take a little while, and perhaps never really be finished….

Pilatus PC12-47, owned by the South Australian Police Air Wing, while on the ground in the far north of South Australia. This was during a routine staff transfer flight, where police officers fly in/out for their regular shifts. No police officers are stationed there permanently, though some are there longer than others.
Photo taken during the Jamestown Airshow. Jamestown is a small town north of Adelaide, South Australia, and every second year, they put on a fantastic airshow, with aircraft flying in from all parts of Australia.
The Flying Doctor apron at Port Augusta, South Australia. This photo was taken about a half-hour before dawn, as a long exposure. Generally, the aircraft in front of the hangar, would in fact have been parked inside the hangar, but the crew returned late from their shift, and left it out. Meanwhile, I had been on the night shift, taken the standby aircraft, and just returned to home base before taking this photo.
I took this photo during my last shift, as we were on descent into Adelaide. As you can see, the sun was low on the western horizon, but it was a beautiful, smooth flight, with the only problem being some traffic in the area, requiring a couple of laps around the holding pattern just prior to this. We didn’t have a critical patient at the time, so had no priority for landing.
I took this photo while on the ground at Blinman, South Australia, during a clinic. The airstrip can be seen in the background, and is just dirt and grass, and actually cuts through the Blinman horse-racing track! In fact, the clinic is conducted in the steward’s hut!
Genuine Australian-built fighter aircraft, the CAC13 Boomerang. Based on the North American BT13 design, this fighter took on the Japanese A6M Zero and others in the second world war.
I took this photo just after I had finished refuelling, and more importantly, just after a thunderstorm had passed. The colours are real, and there’s no Photoshop trickery involved. Taken on my mobile phone, as I hadn’t brought my Nikon that day… normally did, and wish I had.
This photo was taken over the Timor Sea, out of Darwin, on an early morning sortie while I was lying on the observer’s couch in the back of a Boeing KC135. We had taken off just before dawn, experiencing a double water-methanol injection failure and only JUST getting airborne before the end of the runway! Would have woken up the whole of Darwin if we’d crashed!
Anyway, an hour later, we were refuelling one of three B52 bombers, and this was one of the photos I took at that time.
Notice the corrugations in the leading edge of the wing. These were actually moving, as each engine pod was moving in opposite directions, the wings were flapping, and the fuselage was twisting! All this while we were in calm air…..

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