Cessna 150s that I’ve flown!

Over the last 45 years, I’ve been lucky to have flown a great many aircraft, and on four continents. Not long ago, I decided to draw an image of EVERY aircraft I’ve flown, with correct colour schemes and registrations etc. This is the C150 collection.

This was the C150 in which I had my first official lesson in 1978.

...and this is the one in which I flew my first flight test!

… and this is the one in which I flew my PPL flight test.

This one I flew at Berwick, Victoria.

Second instructing job – In Canberra, Australia.

Canberra again.

I flew this one when I was Chief Flying Instructor at RAAF Edinburgh Flying Club.

Tamworth, New South Wales

This one belonged to a friend of mine in Michigan, United States

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