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The Air Tractor AT-602 is an agricultural aircraft that first flew in December 1995. Manufactured by Air Tractor, there are a number of versions available, starting with the radial-engined model AT-401, and culminating with the two-seat, turbo-prop AT802. Of low-wing, tail-dragger configuration, it carries a chemical hopper between the engine firewall and the cockpit.

As a model, the AT-602 is easy to built, with a large, constant chord wing that can be build on almost any flat surface. In addition, the square sided fuselage is well suited to inexperienced builders and the 602 might also be considered as an aileron trainer, even though it is primarily a scale model. With agricultural options including spray and dust, there is also the option to add that to your model. Your imagination will be the only limit.

Our plan is still in development, but if you have a desire to get one earlier, email us and we will let you know if we are able to help with an accelerated development time.

At 1/9 scale, our model will span just about 1900mm and should fly just fine on a 26cc gasser or even a large electric motor. The fuselage will be cavernous, so there will be no problems fitting radio gear, batteries, and the hopper you have always wanted. Also, you could set it up as a glider towplane. We’ll include the tow release on the plans just in case that’s what you want to do.

We’ll also be developing a smaller, electric version of this plan, probably 1/14 scale, with a span of 1200mm. It also should fly just fine on a 3-cell 2200maH pack. Although it will not have sparkling aerobatic performance because of that huge wing, it will be a great Sunday flier with no vices and a light wing-loading.








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