Cessna 177 Cardinal

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In Design

The Cardinal was designed as a replacement for the venerable C172 Skyhawk and indeed was a very good aircraft. However, it suffered from a couple of major drawbacks. Initially, it had some control difficulties around the stall speed, and it was more complex and therefore more difficult an expensive to produce. As a result, it was never really successful, and only produced in (relatively) small numbers.

Not yet complete, this design incorporates simple design with strong, laser-cut ply and balsa parts. At 2m span, it is just a little under 1/5 scale, and will fly quite comfortably on a 20cc – 33cc engine.

Laser-cut short kits wil be available when the design is completed and prototypes flown and tested

Laser-cut short kits are available. Just email us for details.

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