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What do you do when your seven-year old son sees you designing and building models, and wants you to do one for him. Of course you then ask just what sort of thing he’d like, and he mentions QANTAS…. Ok, so that means that a simple trainer is out, but does it have to be THAT complicated?

Of course it does, and he is after all, your son. So you agree.

Well here it is.

Designed for twin 70mm EDF, this model looks great and is still pretty simple to build. Please note however, this model has a simplified (flat-bottom) wing, and does NOT have any allowance for retractable undercarriage – this is a fixed or no-gear model.

I’ve recently had a chap who contacted me and complained bitterly that this was not an accurate scale model…. What part of “first model for my son” implied that this would be anything other than a simplified model? Having said that, the outline is 100% accurate for a 737-300, so at least it looks right once in the air. Just don’t expect it to be a fully functioning wing with leading edge slats and flaps, and retracts etc.

I’m thinking of doing a larger scale model of something like a -400, or even a P8, but that’s in the future.

Meanwhile, please don’t think I’m trying to mislead you, and please don’t winge and bitch that it’s not what you are looking for! 

Wingspan – 1360mm
Length – 1500mm
Power – 2 x 70mm EDF
Weight 2.5 – 3.5kg

Laser-cut short kits are available.

Just email us for details.

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