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Our Balsa Bomber has been designed with glider towing and lolly-bombing in mind, but it is also a great and stable model for just messing around on a weekend. It is big and easy to see at 2200mm span, and can be built to suit a gas engine of 26cc up to 55cc without modification. You might even want to go bigger, and any modification for that will be simple and easily accomplished due to the square-sided fuselage and large firewall.

The plans include a detailed construction sequence for the top-mounted glider tow-release, with the servo mounted on the former under the trailing edge of the wing. Also, a HUGE and removable box with servo-controlled doors is mounted under the centre of gravity and will allow a huge payload to be carried. Just think of the lollies, or flour or water bombs that can be carried and dropped at your choosing.

Wingspan – 2200mm
Length – 1775mm
Weight – 4.0 – 5.5kg
Engine – 26 – 55cc
Channels – 5 (7 with optional tow release and bomb drop)
Servos – 8 (10)

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