Colourschemes for full-size Aircraft

One of the nice parts of being able to work with CorelDraw, is that we can design schemes for full-size aeroplanes too! Over the years, this has been a fun, satisfying and sometimes challenging task. Here are a few of the designs that have been applied (or about to be) to aircraft.

One of a series of scheme ideas for the Royal Australian Flying Doctor Service. I was a pilot for them at the time, and the original scheme was overly simplistic and totally uninspiring. Additionally, it was difficult to keep clean. I proposed a few schemes, and after a LOT of to and fro, this is the one that was chosen. Currently, the scheme is on nearly all RFDS PC-12s in Australia, as well as a growing number of King Air and PC-24 aircraft. Total number of aircraft in RFDS service is over 60, and ultimately, this scheme will find it’s way to nearly all of them.
This is how the new scheme looks on the real aircraft.
The scheme, as it applies to the King Air.
….and the real thing.
We think the scheme applies even better to the PC-24!
As applied to the real aeroplane.
In 1998, Western Michigan University purchased a fleet of brand new Cessna 172R training aircraft, and were needing a new colourscheme. I was approached, as I was working there as a simulator instructor at the time. The new scheme was to be applied with vinyl, so that it would be simple to remove when the aircraft were eventually sold. I don’t know the total number of aircraft that this scheme ended up being applied to, but the total fleet was 66 aircraft I think.
Here it is on the real aircraft – this one I picked up from the factory in Kansas, and flew back to Michigan. Fun trip!
In later years, I worked for the South Australian Police Department as a contract pilot. Their PC-12 was going in for some touch-up and refurbishment, so I drew up a few ideas for a new scheme. Again, a lot of to and fro from management, as there were a lot of people involved in the planning , but this is the final scheme.
Here is the new scheme applied to the aircraft. Makes it look brand new!
Here is the same scheme applied to a Bell 429, one of several types being considered for the air wing.
Last year, some good friends of mine purchased another Beech Kingair for their fleet and asked me to work up a scheme for it, based on a standard Beech scheme, but modified to include their business logo. Along with the company logo on the aft fuselage and fin, I also included it under the fuselage. The finished result was very pleasant indeed!
A little while ago, my nephew contacted me, and asked for some ideas for his new Vans RV14. He liked the idea of a basically blue aircraft, but wanted something a little more…. This is what he finally decided upon. When the aircraft is finished and painted, I’ll get a photo of it.
An idea for a new scheme for an older Piper PA38. This scheme isn’t really mine, but it was a development of one applied to a C152 in the same fleet. Unfortunately, the aircraft was written off in a landing incident, so the scheme never got to be used….
One of several ideas for a new scheme for a C310 currently undergoing refurbishment.
and another….
Fleet colours for an older C172, yet to be applied.
In 1999, I attended Sun ‘n Fun in Florida and spoke to the Mooney representative. He mentioned they were looking at a new scheme for the next year’s model lineup. This is one of several schemes I sent to him the next week. I never got a reply, nor any comment. However, several of these concepts were incorporated in the new scheme they eventually fielded. Just after that, the company went broke for the first time, so I got no recognition for any of my work…never mind. I knew!
And another…

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