Decal Artwork

We can design graphics for decals too. If you need anything, get in touch and we can see if we can help. Meanwhile, some examples:-

Years ago, there was a small company called Airshowmodels, dealing with multimedia 1/32 scale models of Pitts, Extra, Eagle aerobatic aircraft. We generated decal artwork for several of their range. Hot Stuff was my favorite, but the Extras were pretty nice too! Airshowmodels has gone by the wayside now, but one of my friends built some pretty nice models in the day…. The following images come from Barney’s website. If the links don’t work, copy and paste them into your browser to take you to Barney’s pages.

I also drew the artwork for Red Roo Model’s 1/32 CAC Boomerang decals.

Another Red Roo Model’s decal set was their RAAF Meteors

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