PAC CT-4E Airtrainer

CT4E headerIn Design

The CT-4 Airtrainer was a development of the Victa Airtourer in the early 1970’s.

The CT-4E is an aerobatic 2/3 seater with a 300 horsepower Lycoming engine, that flies like a fighter, sounds like a hot-rod and glides like a brick! The RNZAF and RSAF currently fly the E model, and have found the CT4 to be a great training platform, being strong, reliable and able to produce excellent pilots.

We are developing several versions of this aircraft, both small (after all the full-size aircraft is only 27 feet across!). One will be electric, and the other will be for nitro/gas. Although we haven’t started working on this design, it will likely be 1/4 or 1/3 scale.

Let us know if you are keen, and we can fast-track this design, or at the very least, let you know when it’s available.



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