Instrument Panel Graphics and Posters

Instruments header Horizons NZ produces high-quality, vector graphics of aircraft instruments, avionics and controls, suitable for training publications, manufacturer’s brochures cockpit procedures trainers and many other full-size applications. We already have a modest range of instrument panel posters available, and the catalog is increasing regularly. Be sure to browse our available posters, and if something suits your needs, just contact us for a quote. We can produce them in various sizes, from A0 down to A4.

Model Panels

As part of the suite of products, we also generate scale instrument panels for model aircraft. We customize the drawing to the needs of the modeler, and can produce drawings in any scale desired. Our product line is constantly expanding and we are currently taking orders for panel drawings of modern, homebuilt, general-aviation and business aircraft. As the database expands, we will offer WWII era aircraft and ultimately modern military types will also be represented.

WHAT DO YOU GET? It really depends on what you need. We have a database of scale instruments and avionics and can draw you an exact scale panel based on a particular aircraft if you wish, including callsign and frequencies etc. That would be the most expensive route to take of course (depending on amount of work we need to do, it could be up to AU$50-80 or perhaps more). The accuracy of the panel ultimately is determined by the quality of the research data available. As a less expensive option, we can arrange typical instruments on a scale panel outline and give you a “scale” panel without the complete, down-to-the screws accuracy. We would still need basically the same data and photos, but would obviously spend less time doing the assembly. This would cost typically AU$25-35. If you want, we can have the instruments and radios on a separate sheet to the panel template to allow you to construct a 3D panel. Otherwise, we generally include them all on the same sheet, suitable for trimming and securing to the model. Another option you may be interested in, is to have the actual instruments and radios alone printed on a single page, suitable for cutting out individually and incorporating into a built-up panel. This is the simplest alternative, and providing we have the graphics already in our database, should cost approximately AU$7-15. We can still print logos and labels separately so you can add them to the front of the finished panel. It really comes down to your preference.


WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU? We can work with photographs or drawings, providing they show the general arrangement of the panel and we can identify the various instruments and equipment. If you know the model number of the equipment (Bendix/King KNS80 RNAV for example), we can work with less detailed images. However, many modelers are not necessarily knowledgeable in this area as (unlike us) they don’t deal with full-size aircraft on a daily basis. Any placards will also be reproduced if they are legible or separately detailed by the customer. At least one full-frontal photograph or drawing is necessary in order for us to accurately reproduce the panel outline. We need to know the width of the full-size panel also in order for us to properly scale the panel and instruments for use in the model. We should stress that all of our graphics are drawn full-size (1:1) and saved as vector-graphics. In this way, we can then print them to any scale desired and not lose resolution or end up with “fuzzy” photographs. If we don’t have an item already in the database, it typically takes between 20 – 60 minutes per item to generate it, depending on complexity. WE DON’T USE SCANNED IMAGES OR PHOTOGRAPHS in our panels as they cannot be scaled without losing quality, and actually make it more difficult to obtain consistent quality. Bear in mind the thickness of the prototype’s fuselage sides will be different scale thickness and your model’s structure may get in the way of a truly scale panel. This may take a little juggling to achieve the best compromise. If in doubt, we can send you a scale outline that you can cut out and check with your model before we commit to a design and print the panel. For aircraft with multiple panels, such as tandem seat trainers, the panels are invariably different but similar. The cost will be more than for a single panel, but we will work with you to produce both panels for an economical and reasonable price for all involved. Also, if you want multiple copies of the same panel, we will provide them at heavily discounted prices once the first panel is completed and you have accepted its design.

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