Curlew RPAS

Introducing the Curlew! This is our in-development RPAS.

The Curlew RPAS is a high performance Unmanned Aerial System, designed and built in Australia to meet the many and varied needs of the UAV industry. It can be used for a wide variety of tasks, ranging from simple, line-of-sight photographic sorties, to fully autonomous observation sampling or spotting missions.

The Curlew will be available in several different versions and will be available as airframe only, or fully assembled and fitted with an RC system, with or without an autopilot system. Additionally, we can if needed, provide integrated camera or sensor packages. A wide range of standard and optional sensors and systems is available so the Curlew may be configured to the customer’s needs.

All Curlew systems will be flight tested prior to delivery, with the airframes and any optional equipment configured and tested. Additionally, a full set of documentation will be provided for operation, maintenance, and training. Customer training may be conducted at our flying field, or we can come to you.

Maximum Takeoff Weight                        35kg

Empty Weight (no fuel or payload)                  17kg

Wingspan                                              3800-4600mm

Length                                                   2832mm

Height                                                    865mm

Powerplant                                             55-60cc petrol engine

Endurance                                              1 to 5 hours (with optional long-range tanks)

We’ll also be producing a 33% version for training, called the Curlew Chick!

Contact us for more information.

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