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Well, here is something unusual, and exciting. It’s a Pond Racer from the early 90’s. Warbird owner and industrialist, Bob Pond became concerned about the number of classic warbird airframes being lost to modification and crashes for the Reno Air Races. He commissioned Burt Rutan to design the Pond Racer with the idea of developing a modern aircraft that could compete with the vintage warbirds in the Unlimited Class at the Reno air races. Powered by under-developed and troublesome auto engines, the aircraft never really achieved it’s design speed, and ultimately crashed (fatally) during qualification for its first races. Had development continued, it is believed that the design could have achieved it’s goals, but development was halted after the crash and the project dropped.

Pity, because it’s an exciting and different aircraft, and we think it should make a great model. So, with this in mind, we will soon begin development of the model, to be electric powered to reduce asymmetric engine problems.

Let us know if you’re interested in this little guy….

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