GTrainer 46 Nitro

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Take a Groover 46 wing section, build it into a longer wing, and put it on top of the fuselage – and you get the Groover Trainer – GTrainer for short. The GTrainer will do all the aerobatics you want, and yet, with a little dihedral, it remains stable and comfortable to fly. If you’d like, set it up with flaps and it can be flown from smaller fields, or used as an advanced trainer for your next project. Like the Groover, it is also easy to build, and the laser-cut kit makes it even easier. A couple of hours a night and you’ll have it flying inside two weeks. Give it a go. You’ll find it a great sport flier and able to handle all kinds of weather conditions.

Wingspan    1406 mm  55.4 in
Length    1166 mm   45.9 in
Engine    .46 ci
Channels     4-5
Servos       5-7

GTrainer plans

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