Who Are We?

We produce high-quality, vector graphics of aircraft instruments, avionics and controls, suitable for training publications, manufacturer’s brochures, cockpit procedures trainers and many other full-size applications.

As part of our suite of products, we also generate scale instrument panels for model aircraft. We customize the drawing to the needs of the modeler, and can produce drawings in any scale desired. As pilots and instructors, our staff have the knowledge and skills to produce highly accurate drawings and graphic art for any application, full size or model.

Also, we have a love of model aircraft of all types, and you will find many plans and design ideas in these pages. If you don’t see it, we can probably still design it for you, so feel free to email us.

Finally, we have photographs of many aircraft types, and have made these available in smaller sizes for free download. Higher resolution photos are available on request.

Our product line is constantly expanding and we are still working on the site, so there will be many additions to come in the coming months. Be sure to come back and check regularly. We love to surprise!


Email to greg@wordpress-698666-2345628.cloudwaysapps.com or oldtimer143@hotmail.com



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